Hai-Nice Plastics Mould CO.,LTD. taking the advantage of science and technology of Hai-Nice, The companyhas gathered many experts and technicians in the fields of high polymer materials, tooling, machinery, plastic, automatic control and devoted itself to the development of country's construction of plastics.


Extrusion tooling is the company's chief business item. We adopt advanced CAD/CAM soft ware to design, process so as to ensure and provide our users with quality products and services. We manufacture variegated products including various pipe, all kinds of window profile; decorate material, Low foam tooling, wood-plastic Co-Extrusion etc.We have passed the ISO9001:2008 internationally quality system certification .“5S” management for the machining on-site,”ERP”system management for the working and processing. The processes of testing and tuning the tools are conducted in-house, thanks to the presence of 3 full extrusion lines and 2 co-extruders.


Hai-Nice's plastics moulds have been widely applied in the 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomousregions of the country, and exported to the countries and regions of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Uganda, U.S.A etc.


We provide all clients with not only high-quality tooling , including the all around complete-set services and technical support in the formuals, technologies,inspection ,special equipments design and making,ect.

We provide first class products and services:

1.various pipe tooling:

Multi-forms of telecom multi-hole tube tooling .

The tooling of large aperture PE and PVC tube for water supply and bailing.

The sandwich layer foams tuber tooling. Foam the spiral tube tooling and hit the empty spiral tube tooling .

The coal gas and natural gas sending tube tooling ,Compound and multi-layerly tube tooling .

PE carbon spiral tube tooling and silicon-core tube tooling,PP-R pipe tooling .

Special project pipe tooling:C-PVC,PP,PC,PS ,PA,ABS,ASA,PET,EPDM,etc.;

2.Various kinds of series and specs plastic doors and windows profile  tooling.

3.PVC low-foam and wood-plastics (WPC) co-extrusion tooling.

4.Various wiring ducts,wire clip and antenna cap tooling.

5.PVC fence, wall gutter,handrail, Sidings of wall decoration tooling.

6.Multicolor co-extrusion tooling, hard and soft co-extrusion tooling, mix materials co-extrusion tooling and multi-cavity tooling.

7.Development of design of the special extrusion tooling.